What are the Roles of a Bookkeeper?

From launching a startup to growing a business, it is essential to manage every financial transaction- from the payable accounts to the receivables. To help businesses keep track of their income and expenditures, and to assure that everything is within the budget, financial record keeping needs to be precise.  This is where bookkeepers come in. 

How to Effectively Manage Accounts Receivable

Because cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, managing money and accounts receivable play a very crucial part. If you are not making solutions for cash flow issues, this could slow and stop your company’s growth – no matter how steady your sales are We can say that many small business owners who are

8 Skills you Need to be a Good Bookkeeper

If you are assuming that bookkeepers are all about the numbers, you are wrong. In fact, it is not just about having a solid understanding of bookkeeping systems and principles, but also about having personal qualities and skills. To be a good bookkeeper, you need essential soft skills that can help lead a successful business

Common Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Though paying your employees may seem an easy task, common mistakes do happen, and these can bring costly consequences. With many businesses adopting payroll accounting software, you may assume that everything will be easier in just a few strokes of the keyboard. Business owners that are doing payroll accounting can get overwhelmed with a lot

Common Invoicing Mistakes to Avoid or Fix

Receiving timely payments is vital in keeping a solid business. When you are a startup owner, money is crucial. You don’t want to mess it up as it can disrupt your business operations. Sending invoices and getting paid might be straightforward but many people commit mistakes that lead to delays. Not having a steady flow

What are the Roles of a Bookkeeper in Business?

Why do you need a bookkeeper for your business? There are many functions of a bookkeeper and they are vital in keeping your business organized. From recording financial records, producing invoices, preparing for tax, to managing day-to-day activities, a bookkeeper is someone you can rely on.   Below is a list of the roles of

Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services: Top 6 Benefits

The digital world is changing how businesses approach day to day operations. Bookkeeping is vital in business growth and success. Without having visibility of the numbers and data, a business will likely fail. Most business owners are not professional bookkeepers themselves. Attempting to do bookkeeping without extensive knowledge can cause costly mistakes affecting the profitability

Bookkeeping mistakes every Business Owner Should Avoid

Without the knowledge of proper accounting procedures, mistakes will happen. Many business owners fail to keep accurate records and this can affect business financial information and operations. Even if you have an experienced bookkeeper in place, it is not a guarantee that mistakes will not be committed.  Here are the most common bookkeeping mistakes that

Tips for Better Invoicing

It is frustrating to receive late payments and have communication problems between the two parties. Misinformation, ambiguous invoices, and errors can also affect relationships. Without having a seamless process in invoicing, a business will not operate the way it should be.   To avoid these issues, a business needs an effective invoicing strategy. Below are