Cloud Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business Owners, Explained!

If you’re a small business owner or if you’re running a startup, you can’t afford to lose track of your business finances. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper may help you with this, but hiring a full-time employee to manage your books can be costly. You may not justify the additional expenses you’re spending on an in-house

Benefits of Using Online Technology to Manage Your Bookkeeping

Nowadays, entrepreneurs can manage their business and track their business’ financial transactions in real time through technology. With Cloud in full force and gaining traction throughout the market, it is easier for business owners to oversee their business and manage their books. Because of this, many entrepreneurs are transitioning to online technology to manage their

What is a BAS and Do I Need to Lodge One?

There are terms and acronyms every Australian business owner needs to be familiar with to avoid trouble in tax collection. One of the most common acronyms you’ll hear is BAS. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you’ve probably wondered what it is. In this article, we will talk about what a BAS is, what you need

Common Bookkeeping Errors

Commom Bookkeeping Errors Discovered in Many of Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB Files In recent years, many business owners have shifted to Cloud booking. Not only do these accounting software store lots of data, they can also perform quicker operations, saving business owners a lot of time. Inputting data has also become easier with Cloud bookkeeping.

5 Tips for Managing Business Finances

As an entrepreneur, you need to be good in managing both your personal finances and business finances. Business financial management is more than balancing accounts and bookkeeping.  As an entrepreneur, you need to carefully look at the purpose of your finances, right from the start. You must have a plan on how you can survive

Basics of Payroll Accounting

Happy employees are essential for the growth and development of any business.  Many employees look forward to their paydays, hence, good employers should pay their employees accurately and on time. For accurate employee payment, it is essential to make the right deductions, add the deserved allowances, and contribute to superannuation.  This practice is vital, not

9 Tips for Managing Small Business Finances

One thing concerns every company- managing their money.  To survive a volatile economy, especially during this pandemic, and to withstand industry competition, proper financial management is essential.  This can be very challenging for small business owners.  One needs to exercise caution in their financial decisions right from the beginning.  As you know, starting a business

Advantages of Cloud Accounting

Cloud has truly helped a lot of entrepreneurs run their businesses with more convenience.  Many businesses, small or large, are now shifting to Cloud because it allows them to store, access, and retrieve their data anytime and anywhere.  But what exactly is this thing called Cloud? Cloud is basically the internet and all the things