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Bookkeeping and payroll have been a struggle for most organisations. Could you imagine worrying about the overall operations of your business only to be dealing with these concerns? As a trusted Bookkeeping Company in ACT, we understand that not everyone is an expert in bookkeeping and payroll intricacies. Especially for a small and medium business, all these concerns can be intimidating without professional help! ACT Bookkeeping Group is a bookkeeping specialist. Our bookkeepers in Canberra specialise in different types of business bookkeeping catering to both big and small players. Our bookkeeping firm believes that clients shouldn’t be caught off guard by things that they don’t like especially when it comes to finances. With our years of experience, we can help you with your bookkeeping, reports, returns, and other bookkeeping related questions that you might have. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Our expertise can help your business project your profits and address losses using a variety of tools. We can also give you an idea your current position in your market and explain what your financial statements are telling you.

Small Businesses

It’s a struggle for starting businesses to sort things out. With a reliable bookkeeping company like ACT Bookkeeping Group, you can simply keep your invoices and receipts in one box, and we handle the rest. We offer cloud-based software that allows the client to have secure portal access. Here, you can access your information using different devices. Here, you will be able to get a real-time update of info regarding your cash flow and business performance at any given time using different devices.


We are also experts in different payroll systems used by businesses today. With our bookkeeping company services, you can expect full payroll service that can help relieve yourself from the burden of doing the intricate payroll work. ACT Bookkeeping Group accountants can also decrease your cost in maintaining and managing an in-house payroll. Our bookkeeping company offers reasonable rates, superb services, and minimise your compliance risks by keeping you updated with tax laws and other regulations. Our bookkeeping firm ensure that your organisation is going to meet the requirements on time.

Rescue Bookkeeping

Maybe, you aren’t keeping financial records for months or even years and now you are having some trouble? As bookkeeping consultants our Rescue Bookkeeping service is tailored for this kind of situation. This complex task can be very burdensome without any professional help. For our bookkeeping company services, we can give you a helping hand and start from scratch.

Professional Help

In house or cloud based. Our company specializes in any type of business bookkeeping.

Rescue Bookkeeping

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Registered and experienced BAS agent tailor your bookkeeping with up-to-date knowledge of business legislation.

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