How to add adviser to your xero file

How to add adviser to your xero file

There are 6 steps to follow in order to invite Adviser to your Xerox File


1. Log in to your organisation on Xero


2. Click on your Organisation name then go to Settings

Picture One


3. Click on Users

 Note : Only users with Standard or Adviser user roles with Manage Users access will be able to invite new users.

Picture Two


4. Click ‘Invite a User‘ to enter details for a new user.


5. Enter ACT Bookkeeping Group Pty Ltd for the name, and as the email address.

Select Expenses and choose the Admin role,
Select Payroll,
Select Business and Accounting and choose the Adviser role, then tick ‘Bank Account Admin, Submit BA S, Manage Users

Picture Three


6. Press Continue and send an Invite


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