Keep Your Business Finances in Order with Bookkeeping Services Canberra

Keep Your Business Finances in Order with Bookkeeping Services Canberra

Managing a company’s financial position is a critical part of running a business. Without this information, you can’t project where your business is heading, how your revenue and expenses are stacking up. And you can’t make informed decisions about strategy and day-to-day operations. As a result, maintaining your financial records also makes tax reporting and payments a lot more manageable.

Don’t make it hard for yourself. In addition, leverage the available talent and tools around you. ACT Bookkeeping Group can help you manage and take care of the tedious tasks; without compromising the operation of your business.  We specialise in different types of business bookkeeping catering to both big and small players. Our company believes that clients shouldn’t be caught off guard by things that they don’t like; especially when it comes to finances.

Small Business Bookkeeping

With ACT Bookkeeping Group, you can simply keep your invoices and receipts in one box, and we handle the rest. We also offer cloud-based software that allows the client to have secure portal access. Here, you can access your information using different devices. You will also get a real-time update regarding your cash flow and business performance; at any given time using different devices.

Our services include:

Software Setup and Data Entry for:

  • XERO Bookkeeping
  • MYOB
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Cloud Bookkeeping
  • Small Business Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Inventory Control
  • Month and Year End Accounts and Reporting
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Invoicing
  • Manual Bookkeeping
  • Filing and other General Duties


ACT Bookkeeping group Payroll solution combines our expertise from range of industries world; to deliver the best payroll outsourcing services in Canberra. ACT bookkeeping group payroll solution gives you dedicated and passionate Payroll Manager for you and your employees. Also, our outsourced payroll services feature a world-class work force management and rostering system; with real-time labour expenses and a cloud-based (XERO, MYOB or Quickbooks) portal for every employee. Full Payroll Services for your business:

  • Outsourced payroll solutions for your business
  • Personalized services from a dedicated and experienced payroll specialist
  • Enable our team to be your “independent party” to resolve any payroll queries and relieve yourself from burden
  • Value-effective, fixed fees—provide certainty
  • Makes sure you meet your obligations
  • Tailored service that meet your requirements


With so many current and incoming regulations overwhelming the Australian business routine; it is incredibly hard for small and medium-sized business owners, to keep track of all these bookkeeping things. Our team of bookkeeping experts in Canberra provides you with the necessary assistance. So that you spend less time on receipts and invoices; and more time on overseeing all the daily business operations of yours.

Your own part-time or on-demand bookkeepers

Moruya Bookkeeping is done using all the latest bookkeeping tools. This gives us the option to see your fiscal calendar and key information; through faster, better and in a more efficient way. In addition to this, from day one, you get your own dedicated, state-based bookkeeper; who will keep track of everything you will ask him to…

Online accounting, in real time, anytime and anywhere.

As aforementioned above; we are using cloud-based software (Xero) as a nice addition to all other services. We offer each of our clients gets their very own, secure portal. Meaning that absolutely any client of ours can easily access all the information that you need about your business; on any device. We will make sure that you get an online, real-time stream of data on your cash flow and business performance. 24/7; from anywhere on the globe!

Paper goodbye.

We also assess the receipts and all other fiscal information; with invoicing becoming just as simple: log in to your portal page and issue invoices on the go.

Your choice

Whatever your business requires when it comes to bookkeeping, we’re with you all the way. And we can even tailor our system so that it fits the way you do things.

  • Rescue Bookkeeping applies when you have not kept any financial records for months or even years.
  • Rescue work will be tailored to individual needs but usually, the following has happened.
  • Bank reconciliations have not been completed for years
  • Out of balance Bank Reconciliations
  • Clearing accounts not correct
  • GST allocation not correct
  • Incorrect payroll setup.
  • No lodgement of GST/IAS Returns for years.

Rescue bookkeeping is very complex. As a result, sometimes we must start from scratch with a new file, as the old file is too messy.

Charges for Rescue bookkeeping vary. Rescue work is charged upfront in 10-hour blocks. Please contact us for further information.

Bookkeeping is indeed a critical process that can make or break a business. But this is why it is important to optimize your sources; and, choose the right people that can help you manage these things.  Here in ACT Bookkeeping group; our expertise can help your business project profits and address losses using a variety of tools. We can also give you an idea regarding your current position in your market; and, explain what your financial statements are telling you.

Make the effort to simplify and leverage the organization of your business moving forward. This will allow for long-term stability and sustainability.

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