Our Values

Our Values

A message from Lukasz, Principal and certified Accountant.



We are hiring Intermediate or Senior Bookkeeper to join our awesome ACT Group team.

Please note this is Full Time position (40hr/week).

Successful candidate will be required to work business hours 9am-5pm(Sydney time) between Monday-Friday.

We have developed a carrier path so you never have to wonder where the journey with ACT Group will take you.


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Please provide full address. Applications with partly missing data will be automatically deleted.
Its importing how you will reply to this question. We are seeking experienced accountant that did worked within accounting firm - not individual business.
For example you wish to develop new skills or simply seeking higher remuneration?
If you never did, please type NOT APPLICABLE
Based on your qualifications and experience why do you think you are best candidate for this position? Please be specific. For example. "Im working as senior accountant for large supermarket chain at the moment and have proven track record of promotions for the last two years."
If you never had a job please type NOT APPLICABLE
What is your current remuneration (in Filipino pesso per month)? Please note, successful candidate will be be requested to provide evidence of remuneration if requested to do so.
If you are not working as freelances - just enter NOT APPLICABLE
This is start date of the of the old job you had before current most recent job you do now.
If you never had a job please type NOT APPLICABLE
What was your salary in your previous job?